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How to ensure the safety of program-controlled fountain

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As far as program-controlled fountains are concerned, their design and construction often have extremely strict requirements. Therefore, in most cases, electric shock safety accidents are not prone to occur. However, because the existing leakage protectors have their limitations, they are Under the action of factors, it is easy to cause the failure of protective measures, so it is sometimes difficult to avoid electric shock accidents. In order to improve the safety of program-controlled fountains, this chapter first explores the causes of leakage of program-controlled fountains and protection design measures to avoid recurrence of danger.


Program-controlled fountain
During the design and construction of the program-controlled fountain, the power distribution cabinet of each pump needs to be installed with a leakage protection device. The ground wire must be connected not only to the ground, but also to the underwater junction box, so after the ground wire is installed, if In the event of leakage, the current will be led to the earth via the ground wire. If the leakage current is too large, the central control switch in the control room will automatically cut off the power supply of the leakage submersible pump. At the same time, in order to prevent the electric wire from being soaked and leaking for a long time during the construction process, the joints of the electric wires should not only be waterproofed with special materials, but also wrapped with waterproof tape, and then sealed with special materials to prevent electric leakage. Therefore, the safety of fountains that are designed, installed and regularly maintained in accordance with formal methods are guaranteed.

That being the case, why do people’s deaths caused by leakage of electricity from the fountain still happen from time to time? Some experts believe that the reasons for this problem are as follows: due to lack of relevant knowledge during the construction of program-controlled fountains, the relevant persons in charge only pay attention to whether the appearance is beautiful, and insufficient attention is paid to safety, and the fountain itself does not follow the regulations at all. There is a problem with the installation of leakage protection devices or the circuit design itself; the equipment maintenance of the fountain is not in place, the fountain cables are aging and peeling due to long-term disrepair, or the water pump leaks without timely maintenance; the management department privately removed the leakage protector. Since the leakage protector may have frequent or refusal to operate in actual use, some managers do not seriously find the cause when the leakage protector is activated, but short-circuit or remove the leakage protector, causing problems to be unable to be timely Power off. [For details, please refer to the relevant content of “If you want to “play with” program-controlled fountains”

In order to avoid electric shock accidents, our design is to set up multiple sets of voltage detection devices in the water along the transmission line. Each set of voltage detection devices has two measuring probes, and an electromagnetic relay is connected between the measuring probes to control the reed switch with an electromagnet. As a control switch. The control switch is used to control the alarm protection circuit. The sound alarm signal and power failure protection switch control system are shared by all detection systems. The warning light can be set on the warning sign next to the fountain. When any set of measuring probes detects a voltage signal, it can be determined that a leakage accident has occurred in the pool, and its corresponding electromagnetic relay will immediately turn on the alarm protection circuit, send out an alarm signal with light and sound, and automatically cut off the fountain power supply circuit to avoid accident. After arriving at the scene, the maintenance personnel can quickly determine the location of the leakage accident based on the lighted warning lights, so as to repair the program-controlled fountain in time and eliminate hidden dangers.

Relevant practical results show that the use of the above voltage detection device can not only effectively improve the safety of the program-controlled fountain, but also play a very good warning and protection role. Of course, even if the fountain is designed and constructed without a leakage protector, The system can also be installed separately to provide more effective protection when people play in the water.


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