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What are the problems and deficiencies of Yunnan Waterscape fountain

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Yunnan waterscape fountains have developed rapidly in recent years. There are many famous fountains for people to watch and enjoy. This is the spread of fountain culture, and also the expression of people’s dependence on water all over the world. People’s demand for culture promotes the development of fountains. In China, cities with water expect to have a landmark fountain. The water is arched and slanted, like Hibiscus coming out of the water, like a corolla when the water is folded and hugged, like a flower basket when the water is opened, like a light fairy dancing.
Yunnan Waterscape fountain
In the process of the wide application of waterscape fountains in Yunnan, there are also some problems and shortcomings. Some misunderstandings and bad tendencies should be paid attention to. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on the healthy development of the fountain industry.
1. The blindness of the scheme design often leads to the failure of the work, which makes it difficult for the work to exist for a long time.
2. The unreasonable detail design directly affects the effect of the work.
3. The inferior quality and high price of fake and shoddy products directly affect the reputation of relevant manufacturers and companies.
4. Enough attention should be paid to energy saving, water saving and environmental protection.


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