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What are the problems in the design of Kunming Waterscape fountain

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The blindness in the design of Kunming Waterscape fountain is that it deviates from the local actual situation and seeks to be large, complete and high. The result is that the fountain is not in harmony with the environmental atmosphere, which often leads to large investment, high operation cost and poor effect.


Kunming Waterscape fountain

Good fountain scheme design requires professional fountain designers to fully listen to and absorb the suggestions and opinions of planners, architects, horticulturists and construction units where the fountain is located. Reasonable scheme design should be made according to the time and place. The pool and spray shape of Kunming Waterscape fountain should form a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment, space, architecture and greening In a quiet and elegant atmosphere, it is not appropriate to create a warm and active effect. Take the laser color music fountain as an example, most of the foreign countries are located in parks or amusement parks and cultural parks of tourist attractions, with viewing seats, so that people can stop and enjoy the fountain. However, some of our cities are located at the roadsides or traffic roundabout centers with small space, large traffic flow and no parking conditions. Obviously, this choice is unscientific and unreasonable. Fountains can easily cause traffic jams.
In addition, the proportion between the height of water spraying and the diameter of the pool, and the sense of hierarchy of various water forms should be properly grasped. It should give people the artistic conception of natural beauty and environmental beauty of the unity of man and nature, and avoid the disorderly and simple stacking. These problems should be solved reasonably in the process of project making.
The water modeling of Kunming Waterscape fountain is realized through detailed design. The reasonable selection of machine, pump, pipe, valve and nozzle directly affects the water spraying effect. The design of some fountains only pays attention to the technical indexes such as flow rate and working pressure, and ignores the important factor of flow pattern effect, so the water modeling effect is poor. For example: the successful super-high water column has long dense section, short fracture section and atomization section, appropriate proportion of water column diameter and spray height, strong wind resistance, and straight and majestic spray effect. At present, for some super-high water columns, the dense section of the water column is short, the fracture section and atomization section are long, the diameter of the water column is small and thin compared with the spray height, the wind resistance is poor, and the water column is easy to be blown away and drift, which is caused by the unreasonable selection of relevant parameters. There are similar problems in the combination effect of the overall water modeling. Unreasonable detail design is the performance of poor technical and economic indicators, which needs to be solved in the fountain design stage.


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