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Matters needing attention in the construction of Yunnan music fountain

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Kunming professional fountain explains several points for you. A good fountain should not only have good creativity and design, but also pay attention to many matters in the construction of the fountain. Many small details will be ignored in the construction process. Today, I will give you a brief overview of the precautions in the construction of Yunnan music fountain
When the fountain sprays water from the inside to the outside, the appearance effect is like a blooming flower basket, which is strong, straight and magnificent, symbolizing that the people welcome visitors from all directions with enthusiasm and simplicity.


Yunnan music fountain

In the construction process of Yunnan music fountain, some small details are often ignored, resulting in engineering quality defects. Mutual interference of cable signals is a frequent problem in fountain construction.
During the construction of Yunnan music fountain, attention should be paid to separate the water pump control cable with frequency conversion signal from the strong and weak current, so as to avoid signal interference.
In addition to the installation of leakage protection device, it is a common method to adopt protective grounding measures to reduce the risk of leakage.
In the construction of Yunnan music fountain, the leakage or unreliable grounding of individual water pump and metal shell of lamps and lanterns in the fountain pool will form a potential safety hazard.
There are also some common problems are the result of not paying attention to the construction details, such as the underwater joint is not well connected, water leakage causes the air switch trip; the bolts at the pipe flange connection are not tightened to spray water from the gap; the control line joint is not fixed firmly, the line falling causes the fountain not to perform normally; the exposed part of the surface equipment is uneven, affecting the water landscape, etc.
Therefore, when we are looking for fountain design and fountain construction units, we must find a fountain company with strength and construction experience, so as to avoid some details.


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