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Wuhan fountain installation what need to pay attention to

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Musical fountain in recent years, in the city is also more common, for our city in the increase of a vitality. Fountain company in order to make the fountain life time, Wuhan fountain installation what need to pay attention to.

fountain installation

1. Music signal acquisition function, extracting favorable components by frequency characteristics.

2. Direct control of the music fountain, direct drive pump, inverter or server.

3. fault diagnosis of fountain equipment, you can diagnose the operating status of the host, leakage and drive cabinet work status.

4, open structure, friendly human-machine interface, communication interface and programming skills open to the user, only two keys through the mouse to complete the music fountain with the song, so  easy to make the music fountain with the song library is constantly enriched, always give people a new feeling.

5. Chinese menu-based operating system, so that operators can learn to operate in a short period of time, with a variety of musical fountain dynamic shape and pattern change display function, so that operators through the computer screen ** can observe a variety of changes in the fountain, a great convenience to the music fountain with songs and operators use. Behind the fountain is to be controlled by different operating systems, fountain this beautiful landscape can be freely displayed in front of our eyes.


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