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How should I choose a fountain design company in Hubei

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Customers looking to choose a professional Hubei fountain design company, often do not know how to measure the strength of the fountain company, do not understand whether the fountain company can meet their needs and provide quality service.

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First, choose a Hubei fountain design company with an independent fountain design team.
A formal, professional fountain company, must have an independent fountain design team. Design is the soul of the fountain, the fountain water display and effect are controlled by the fountain design team. A good fountain design will be the surrounding environment, local humanities and geographical features and other factors into the fountain, highlighting the design concept of the fountain, combined with the creative layout and planning of the fountain, so that the fountain more artistic appreciation value. Fountain design team generally includes professional fountain creative layout and orchestration designers, 3D animation effect designers, fountain planar effect designers, water supply and drainage engineers, fluid mechanics engineers and electrical engineers and other personnel to ensure the professional and efficient completion of the entire process of music fountain from guidance to performance.

Secondly, the fountain company that also has an independent fountain construction team.
In addition to having a professional fountain design team, there is an independent fountain construction team. Many small fountain companies do not keep a construction team in order to save labor costs. After receiving the fountain project, the project will be outsourced to the construction team to do. This is extremely irresponsible to the customer, that is, can not guarantee the expected performance of the fountain effect and can not guarantee the quality of the fountain project. Moreover, after the acceptance, the subsequent fountain if any problems, will produce responsibility shifting, can not be clear, can not be held responsible for the person.

Third, choose the fountain company with after-sales service team.
Professional, strong fountain company will have a perfect after-sales service team. During the warranty period, regardless of whether the fountain is running normally, will regularly do inspection and maintenance for the customer’s fountain to ensure that the fountain continues to run normally and extend the service life of the fountain. After the warranty period, the fountain has any problems, the fountain company can cooperate with customers to solve in a timely manner.
Currently in the market, few fountain companies really have after-sales teams, after the fountain problems, can not solve problems for customers in a timely manner. Maintenance fountain like maintaining a car, to do regular maintenance and maintenance, from this aspect, it is particularly important to choose a fountain company with an after-sales team.

Fourth, the fountain project experienced fountain company.
Fountain project experience to a certain extent represents the overall strength of the company. After years of development of fountain companies generally have a wealth of fountain design and engineering construction experience, customers can be based on their own needs, combined with the fountain company’s past engineering experience and comprehensive strength, a comprehensive measure of whether this fountain company can meet their needs.

Fifth, the fountain design company in Hubei has a fountain industry grade qualification.
In the fountain industry, the fountain company to have a grade certificate issued by the China Construction Metal Structure Association Fountain Waterscape Committee. Certificate level from high to low is divided into special, A level, A level two, B level, B level two and C level six levels. Fountain grade by the fountain enterprise’s registered capital, contract amount, technical strength and level, equipment and application level, management level and other aspects of comprehensive consideration and assessment.

Must not mention is the price of fountains. Fountain industry, fountain production enterprises are also mixed, the natural price is also high and low. But “cheap is not good,” especially in the fountain industry, the price of musical fountain production directly affects the visual performance of the fountain effect, the quality of fountain equipment and fountain security. Fountain is used for people to watch and enjoy, any quality defects can not be covered up.


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