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Wuhan music fountain how to meet the architectural aesthetics

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Wuhan music fountain arrangement should also be in line with the principles of architectural aesthetics, in particular, should make it consistent with the basic laws of formal beauty.


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Neat and tidy: can also be said to be a simple flush or neat and tidy, which is the simplest form of beauty. This is the most commonly used law in the layout of the fountain, it mainly refers to a large fountain with many individuals, when we commonly use the same specifications of the nozzle to form the same water shape, it can be a straight line up the water column, can also be downward flow of water tongue or upward floating water tongue and other forms of water. Neat refers to the same form repeatedly and continuously, giving a sense of regularity, giving a sense of neatness and beauty, giving a sense of order. And neat can make a relatively small individual constitute a large whole, such as a small fountain in the square is very inconspicuous, but if there is a neat row of small fountains will give people a deep impression. A thin fountain gives a single feeling, but if the shape must be parallel, it will form a wall of water, a layer of water network and other impressions. Of course, neat and tidy can not be absolute, by no means require all Wuhan music fountain in the whole square are the same, generally speaking neat and tidy is a certain range, that is, within a certain range is the same, more than this range, the shape has changed, and in another range is another shape of neat and tidy. This is called grouping uniformity. Each group has a unified shape, and there is a difference between groups. The grouping should be appropriate, if the number of groups is too much and the number of each group is too little, then it will go to the opposite of neat unity and it will be disorganized. However, the scope of neat unity should not be too large, and the grouping should not be too small, otherwise it will also go to the opposite of neat unity and become monotonous.

The principle of neat unity should also be reflected in a fountain group should have a control element, the most common control element is the height, for fountains, is often set up in a location with a great height of the main fountain, which will produce a strong impression, while some other smaller fountains are in a subordinate position, so that the audience to this fountain group has a sense of the whole. The overall unity is also expressed in the Wuhan music fountain to a certain cycle of repeated reproduction of the form of change, which is different from the overall unity of space described earlier, is the overall unity of time.


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