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Wuhan music fountain how to meet the architectural aesthetics

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The following I will give you an introduction to the Wuhan fountain equipment colored light protection, what is the relevant content?


Underwater colored lights are components of Wuhan fountain equipment is extremely vulnerable to damage, so the daily maintenance of colored lights is also extremely important. Color lights with heat-shrinkable tubes and heat-soluble glue waterproof; in the assembly of color lights to color lights and light frame connected tightly, not loose; pipe road welding lamp piece, must be welded tightly to prevent the lamp piece off during use; after assembly, it should be immersed in 5% salt water for 72 hours, measure the resistance value qualified before use.

1, the fountain project water replenishment requirements

Fountain water should be recycled. When the nozzle has the requirement, the circulating water should be treated by filtration. Circulation system of supplemental water should be determined according to evaporation, wind blowing, leakage, sewage and other losses, it is generally desirable to use 5 ~ 10% of the circulating flow.

2、Nozzle maintenance

The nozzle should be regularly cleaned and maintained, the installation should pay attention to the tightness of the connection between the nozzle and the pipeline, the nozzle should be wrapped in a layer of raw material at the pipeline sleeve wire to avoid leakage, affecting the effect of water spraying, and should do a good job of anti-theft measures of the nozzle.

3, the maintenance of underwater lights

Underwater lights are Wuhan fountain equipment components more easily damaged parts, in order to reduce the rate of damage to the lights should pay attention to the following points.

(1) in the pipe road welding lamp piece, must weld the lamp piece tight, to prevent the use of the process of the lamp piece off.

(2) when assembling lamps and lanterns, to connect the colored lamps and lantern frame tightly, not loose.

(3) After assembling the lamps and lanterns, they should be immersed in 5% salt water for 72 hours and the resistance value should be measured before use.

(4) underwater joints should be properly docked and waterproofed with heat-shrinkable tubes and hot solvents.

4, the water quality requirements of the fountain

Water supply water quality should be in line with the current “domestic water sanitation standards,” the requirements of the sensory traits indicators that.

Chromaticity of not more than 15 degrees, and shall not show other foreign colors, turbidity of not more than 10 degrees; shall not contain visible to the naked eye.

5, the fountain pool piping

Wuhan fountain equipment should be equipped with water pipes, water pipes, overflow pipes, water pipes and water pipe drainage facilities, water pipes should be equipped with a filter. Fountain water distribution pipe should be arranged in a circular pattern, water distribution pipe head loss is generally appropriate to use 5 ~ 10mm / m. Fountain water distribution pipe joints should be tight and smooth, pipe reducers should be used at the reducer, pipe bends should be used in large turning radius of the smooth elbow. Nozzle should be not less than 20 times the diameter of the nozzle before the straight pipe section or set up a rectification device.


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