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What are the considerations for the installation of the fountain in Hubei

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Fountain initiatives to its water-saving, efficient and accurate advantages, welcomed by people from all walks of life, in the fountain plan and installation, must be in accordance with the requirements of the plan to stop the accurate installation, and to stop careful protection, to avoid wage damage, such as the ability to show the efficacy of the fountain, this day, the specific first to introduce the fountain project installation considerations are what.

fountain project installation
1, before the installation of the fountain in Hubei, must be the nozzle spraying angle to stop the proper preset. For the spraying angle is fan-shaped nozzle, it is usually adjusted to one hundred and eighty degrees at the time of the company’s factory, at the time of installation, according to the reality of the environment of the nozzle in stopping the right angle settings, to perhaps stop spraying at a good angle. In addition, the need to set the filter inlet and the nozzle of the same mark.

2, in the process of installation of the Hubei fountain, but also note that the aerial to adhere to the top of the nozzle equal height interval. In this case, it is necessary to install the nozzle at the moment, the top of the nozzle to be lower than the aerial, such as the goal of doing so is important for the future aerial subsidence and early preparation. Usually the company will no longer produce subsidence at high altitude, in the installation of the nozzle, which is also an exceptionally good approach.

3, if the choice of nozzle? This should be based on the plan and the reality of the request to stop choosing, so that the ability to achieve the desired plan radius and flow.

4, the adoption of flexible articulation or articulated discussion to stop the branch pipe and nozzle articulation, such as perhaps to avoid machine strikes, such as in the wage movement or only when weeding, damage to the nozzle. In addition, the adoption of the articulated discussion, but also to facilitate the construction of the time to stop the nozzle installation angle adjustment.

In Hubei fountain installation construction process, must be in accordance with the Beijing fountain planning company planner’s request to stop manipulation, and combined with the reality of the environment to stop the installation, if the fountain is installed in the public area, in order to avoid wage damage, the initiative to install anti-theft discussion, the installation position can be at the entrance to the nozzle, there is a certain anti-theft effect.


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